In 2015, MOEMA set up the MOEMA Educational Fund, a 501(c)(3) tax
exempt organization,   to accept tax deductible donations  to fund summer
internships in occupational and environmental medicine for students in
Michigan medical schools.  Both the 2000 Institute of Medicine Report on Safe
Work in the 21st Century and the 2011 National Institute for Occupational
Safety and Health (NIOSH) National Assessment of the Occupational Safety
and Health Workforce Report documented the shortage of occupational and
environmental physicians.  The shortage has become worse in recent years
with approximately 250 practitioners retiring and only 70 new practitioners
joining the field each year.  Residency programs cannot identify sufficient
candidates with only 60% of the available residency slots being filled. The
mission of the MOEMA Educational Fund is to make medical students aware
of career paths in occupational medicine with the goal of increasing the
number of students who select the specialty as their field of practice.

In the summer of 2015, three first year medical students, two from the College
of Human Medicine at Michigan State University (Joy Burrell and Joginder
Singh) and one from Wayne State Medical School (Nicole Desautels)
completed the program. They spent two weeks at Dow Chemical in Midland
and two weeks at General Motors facilities. In addition to shadowing the
doctors at these facilities, the students had a research project they worked
on. They presented these results at the 2015 MOEMA annual meeting.
Subsequent to that with the assistance of Ken Rosenman they wrote up their
results. Their article has been accepted for publication in the Journal of
Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Desautels N, Singh S, Burrell J,
Rosenman KD. What should be the content and frequency of  performing a
medical evaluation to determine fitness to wear a respirator? JOEM 2016 (in
press)). Both the students and the mentors gave the program excellent

We are happy to report that thanks to generous donations from individual
members of MOEMA, General Motors and the University of Michigan there will
be five first year medical students doing summer internships in 2016. In
addition to again being at Dow Chemical and General Motors facilities, they
will spend one week shadowing Daryl Lesoski at Munson Medical Center.
Again they will be presenting their results at our annual meeting and they will
be encouraged to write up their research projects for publication.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to the MOEMA
Educational Fund, please send a check made out to the MOEMA Educational
Fund to:

Attn: Karen Carter
3031 West Grand Blvd., Ste. #645
Detroit, MI  48202

Otherwise, you may pay by credit card by completing the payment form and
faxing the completed form to (313) 874-1366 or sending it to the above

Kenneth Rosenman, MD, FACOEM
MOEMA Secretary

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